Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Guided Fishing Birthday Party?

I got a call from a family friend; her son had gotten the fishing bug and really really wanted to learn more. He wanted a fishing party for his birthday! I had never thought of guiding a party before.

So the plan was made. Immediately fishing with children brought up some new challenges I had not faced before. Kids won’t get up at four, they cannot fish late, they actually need to catch something (the nerve), and fishing in the weeds and hidden spots is not a great choice. However they are an absolute blast to fish with!

Another very good friend in a neighborhood close to the birthday boy allowed us to fish the private lake behind his house. So we had facilities for the boys if needed or shelter if the storms from that morning returned.

I was nervous because the rain was fast and furious until right before the party. The temperature made a 30 degree swing as well. Even for a private pond a temp change like that is never good for fishing.

This pond has nothing but bass and smaller bass. We set up two rods per little fisher kid. We used several different kinds of floats and bobbers. For bait we had large minnows and Golden Roaches (a large minnow species). The bite was not what anyone would have wanted but we caught some fish. The Birthday boy caught two. One boy caught his first fish ever!!!! It was the coolest feeling to knowing I helped that happen.

We had fun laughing and making jokes. The younger boys ran around the trees and explored. It was a great experience.

So from this moment on DuPageFishing Guide Service will be offering The Fishing Party!

Also I have been thinking (I know dangerous) I have a 15 year old with autism who hates fishing however I know some people with disabilities that love it. So also new DuPage Fishing Guide service will be more than happy to take out anyone one with a Disability.

There will be lower pricing for starters and we will work it out. Even if it means we sit with our feet in the water and eat gummy bears, it may be nice to get out. If we sit on a pier we sit on a pier. But taking you or your child out will be a pleasure no matter what.

So please contact Pondboy at 630-518-1872 or visit for your own Angling Adventure. If you would like photos from My friend josh can be there to capture the moments as he did on this trip.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Drift Fishing Small-mouth and Catfish using Raven Tackle with DuPage Angler

I got a chance to go fishing with Marty Rogers founder of I was excited because he is always crazy busy and fishing with him is always full of laughter.

We met way before sunlight and headed out west to a small creek that was finally not running high from all the spring rain. Our plan was to wade and drift fish for catfish and smallmouth using Raven floats, live bait and long rods. For more information on how we drift fish click HERE. The one thing I can say about Raven Tackle as it has dialed in our technique and our catch numbers has sky-rocketed.

We had the holy trinity of live bait crawlers, leeches, and minnows. For some reason the minnows just were not getting hit but the leeches were. Usually it is the other way around and in a hurry we will pass on the leeches.

This creek is very dynamic and spring rains design a new creek each year. Most years holes that are filled in by flooding are replaced by some new ones. This year there was only one new hole but many old holes were gone for good. We got on fish but had to fish twice as far as we usually do. This broke my heart a bit as three of my favorite holes were either half the size or non existent.

Marty and I fished and laughed and caught a ton of fish most small and not picture worthy, but great just the same. It definitely was a fun angling adventure.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

DuPage Fishing Guide Service: Drift Fishing and Having Fun.

Keith met me in my drive way at o’dark thirty and I was immediately impressed when he pulled out a light weight custom steelhead rod from Xcalibur Rods. It was a little heavy for smallies but it was a beautiful rod.

The plan was to hit the DuPage River. We were at the most beautiful fishing spot I have on the river. The forest was a little spooky in the dark walking down to the river especially since we had just finished throwing wildlife stories around before we got there.

Quite a few of my clients want not only want to wade or smallie fish but they want to learn my bait drifting techniques for multiple species in rivers and streams. In a nutshell I use steelhead fishing concepts and tech to present live baits in at the most natural depth and speed. I mostly use Raven products for this. See this post for more detailed information.

I thought the trip was going to be easy peasy after Keith scored a couple quick fish. One was a gorgeous 17 inches, DuPage River Gold!! The spot got very slow after that. As the sun came up I just was not seeing the amounts of fish I usually do. Most trips I usually don’t have to change spots. One good stretch usually does it. Four spots total and five fish. Each spot produced fish however 20 fish in one stretch in a couple hours is not unheard of.

Keith’s day was open and so was mine so we decided on a round two and to not only switch rivers, but species as well. We headed to the Fox for carp. I love any opportunity to get a bass fisherman to try carp, the looks on their faces as they are hooked is awesome. I had him grab his steel-head rod which is perfect for fish of this size. We used the same drift rigs just bigger Raven floats. When drifting for carp you are not working seams in current like smallies but the slow, static, murky stuff. The drift needs to be much slower. We used size 4 hooks and good ol'corn. We hooked up right away and landed two awesome carp and some cats as well! We also had a couple fish show us the door.

I met another great fisherman and had a blast. If you would like a Angling Adventure of your own please contact me Daniel Pondboy Byrne at

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What would your first carp catch be like?

What would your first carp catch be like?

One of my regular clients after some prompting decided to try something new and attempt to catch his first carp. He brought his fishing partner along and they met me at 3:30. I prefer morning trips. I firmly believe the morning bite is better then the evening bites. There was blue bird skies, it was hot, and a 30 mph wind to deal with.

I called fellow member Joshua Bennett for a little help. He is a carp angler and photographer. It was great to have the extra rods out for the guys and having awesome photos shots of the guys fishing!

The first spot we chose was a new but reliable spot plus it was sheltered by the wind. After and hour of soaking carp bait,I see my 14 year old client playing on his phone and I know it is time to move.

Joshua had been fly fishing carp at a new pond with some great results. It has a nice lawn, a parking lot close, and a good carp population. The problem was its next to a corn field so there was no escape from the pounding winds.

We set up on a small point when lady luck struck a corn rod. (We had both float rigs and bottom rigs setup using corn bread and boilies.)It was a nice fish! The kid was excited and the look on his face was awesome. Then it was George’s turn they both seemed surprised at the strength and bull runs the carp made. I think I was more excited then they were.

Joshua for some crazy reason brought an ultra light and of course it gets bit!! We handed the kid the rod and said good luck with smirks on our faces. He didn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of landing that fish. He surprised us big time! He reeled against the drag for a moment then calmed down and settled in for the fight. Kid has his second carp ever on and he was fighting it better then most. We were both impressed as the fish was landed.

We were running out of light and George decided to call it. Just then one rod bent in half and he landed the biggest fish of the night!!

It was a fun evening. The guys had a great time and so did I. Joshua’s photography services will soon be available on any trip from shore! So please check out his site and his shots from the trip.

If you would like to have an Angling Adventure of your own just visit

Friday, July 25, 2014

Finding New Carp Spots In the Suburban Midwest

Finding New Carp Spots In the Suburban Midwest

Carp by far have had a bad rap in the US. Sure the big head and silvers need to go. But the common carp has been around for years and is not going anywhere. So since it is staying around you might as well swallow your carp suck state of mind and start fishing for the brutes. I am a multi-species fisherman and I can tell you that carp whether I like it or not fight harder than almost all of the other species. 

While I have been out bass fishing or crappie fishing I have seen carp, especially on those rainy days. I am sure that many of you have too. The majority of retention ponds in my area have some carp. Some lakes have more than others. The cool part about this is; is that most of these lakes the carp is completely un-pressured. So a little recon, prep, and planning and a lake you hardly fish can become a hard fighting carp battle arena!!

I wanted to prove this new carp spot theory so I went back to visit this corporate lake I had only caught a few bass in. This lake since I had never done well bass fishing was on my D list. However I did see carp there once.

The night before my first trip I walked the shoreline that had two pipes and chummed three cans of corn and about a quart bag of corn boilies. The second trip when I met some members I did about the same thing. 

I arrived armed with my Pivothead glasses, rods and net. We used float set-ups with Raven floats and some others as well as fished the bottom with a simple slip weight rig. I used supplies from Big Carp I used hair-rigs some I purchased and some I made myself. One of the float rods I used high viz yellow Raven float line so I could see it in the low light before sunrise. The baits we used were bread, corn, and boilies. The boilies that worked best were the corn, pineapple, and strawberry flavors.

In these two trips to a lake I had never fish for carp before we landed and lost several big carp!! It was 
a blast!! Below is a video of those two sessions and a video where I catch a fish one the fish josh lost 
about a half hour later.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

The saying goes "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

Perhaps my most rewarding guide experience come when I teach somehow to just fish. This feeling of pure awesomeness is double when it is passed on to a child.

Many of my clients come to me and say "my kid wants to fish." These fisherman are either brand new themselves or just have never gone.

There is two ways these trips work either both the parent and child go on the adventure or just the parent comes and they "Teach a man to fish."

Tom called me and wanted to be able to take his kids out an teach them himself. So he and I when float fishing for bass and bluegills. OK ok I will be honest my plan was crappie but they where not in on my glorious plans.

We used basic tackle and started from the beginning, how to hold the reel and how to cast. Then we talked about the different life baits; what they are used for and how they should be presented. We then moved onto floats and their differences and uses. After that it was shotting and hooks. What size how deep etc.

We went to a pond in my old neighborhood where i grew up. We set our rods up and learned quickly the crappie where either not around or were just negative. The little yellow spotted traitors!!

Soon enough floats started disappearing and the bass and gills came in a hurry. We caught fish on worms, minnows, and waxies. The gills were just beautiful. They were big, fat, and pretty. 

There was a 3 foot spot next to some weeds where Tom must have caught 15 gills. It was like the fish version of a clown car. We even caught the same fish twice!

We traded stories and got to know one another. It was a really fun morning. When our time was up we took a pic, traded info, and said farewell.

A few weeks letter I received a very cool thank you email. Tom said how much fun he had and that he took his son to a local park and they both caught some bass and blue gills. He also attached some pics. I have to tell you that just makes me feel awesome. To see knowledge of something you are passionate about shared like that is the absolute best!

If you are looking for a new local adventure or you children are asking to go fishing please give me a call we will have a blast!!