Tuesday, April 18, 2017

SoftScience A New Sole Mate for Angling Adventures

SoftScience  A New Sole Mate for Angling Adventures

This season I finally stopped using cheap waterproof shoes that rip, break, un-tie, and take forever to drain and dry. This year, I’ve discovered some great fishing footwear from SoftScience and I have picked up two different pairs for the 2017 season. The Terrafin and the Fin 2.0.

The Terrafin is an awesome wading boot for walking the waters and kayak fishing. I wear these in cool and cold weather with dry suits, waders, and rain pants. These boots are lightweight and I mean shockingly light.  Also slip-resistant on moss-covered rocks and when pulling your yak up an embankment. Both have a soft Trileon™ sole that conforms to uneven surfaces. This lace-up wading boot, with its self-draining system and all-synthetic mesh upper, dries faster than any other fly fishing boot.

The Fin 2.0 could possibly be the most comfortable performance fishing shoe. These lace-up fishing shoes with a self-draining system and all-synthetic mesh upper, dry quickly and offer best-in-class foot support and traction on wet and slippery boat decks and kayak plastics. These are so light and comfortable that I wore them around the house instead of my gym shoes! I will be using these in the hot days of summer when I need to stay cool and dry off quickly. The material is breathable, comfy, and the they are roomy.

SoftScience is doing some truly amazing things in fishing footwear. With just the self draining technology and the light weight alone. These things truly rock. You can find them at www.softscience.com 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


I am happy to say the I am now a proud member of the Diablo Paddlesports Team!!! I have worked very hard to get here and cannot thank Thomas and the folks at Diablo enough. These kayaks are something that has not been seen here in the Midwest. They are a cross between a kayak and stand on paddle board that offer the best platform to stand - period! This unique platform will make me a more deadly bass fisherman as well as dominate on rivers and bring my multi-species philosophy and adventures to a brand new level! I am currently rigging the new yak and hope to have pics up soon. Here's to the FUTURE!!!