Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Pondboy and Team win Worldwide Freshwater Kayak Fishing Title!

I am very please to announce that our team Trout Mafia has placed First WORLDWIDE FRESHWATER KAYAK WAR FISHING TOURNAMENT! Kayak wars is the worlds largest multi-species kayak tournament. Teams of five catch a huge variety of species in a gauntlet of competitions every year from Feb 14 to Dec 14. Every Species caught has to be a certain size and is given a point value. Team members submit their catches over the season and the team with the most combined points wins! I would like to thank Tom, Mark, Kalvin, and Mike for allowing me to be part of Trout Mafia for 2015. 

These guys are the top 1% of multi-species kayak fishermen! To win kayak wars it takes a huge amount of angling knowledge of many species and the determination to find the fish that will give your team the points it needs.  A major key to success is knowing where point size fish are in your area and being able to capitalize on those opportunities. A fish that counts for points is not a small specimen for that species.The amount of combined hours competing on the water is just staggering as this is not your one or two day tourney. Snow, cold, wind, sun, heat, waves, illness, rain, ice, sore muscles, and darkness were all taken in stride by team Trout Mafia this angling season.

Our team also won First in region 6 of the United States. This was a region of 11 states. (click on image to enlarge)

We won First in all freshwater for the USA (click on image to enlarge)

We won First in all Fresh Saltwater Combined for the USA (click on image to enlarge)

I Placed Fourth as an individual for region 6! (click on image to enlarge)

TEAM STATS (click on image to enlarge)

I would like to thank some of my sponsors for their support this season! 
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