Saturday, November 9, 2013

IONLURES introduces new C3 Balsa Premium Crank bait

IONLURES Formerly know as Zen introduces new C3 Balsa Premium Crank bait

Both and Pondboy’s Angling Adventures have been blessed with a new sponsor. I have had the pleasure of being able to throw one of these beautiful C3 Balsa baits.

I went out and it was a brisk 39 degrees and the wind was chucking at 25. Although I had a new bait to throw, I was not expecting much. I figured the bass would be in their sweats and on the couch with no intention of paying my offerings any attention.

Riprap and Crank baits have a love hate relationship. Bass love the cranks and cranks hate the riprap. Many a crank bait has sacrificed itself at the alter of the riprap when a good bite is on.

The first of what would be five bass came one after the other. They were all dinkers but in 39 degrees and with the wind I was stoked. I had only been out for an hour when tragedy struck! The rocks had a death grip on my new crank bait!!!!! Who has not gone through this? I snapped, yanked, and pulled for about ten minutes, then SNAP!! The lure was 8 feet away from shore and if it had been warmer I would have gone after it. My heart is broken.

My heart is broken for a few reasons. Let us just start at the overall quality. Some baits as soon as they sit in your hand you can just tell it is awesome and solid. The paint job was flawless and the eyes one on each side are built to last. One of the best things is the way the rings and lip are built, you will not have to fine-tune this bait. The one I had was the lime in a shad pattern. It dives from 3-5 feet and weighs 3/8 oz. The nice sharp quality hooks did their job as well. These baits you can easily  see that they are hand built with some sophisticated tech.

I am looking forward to the future of IONLURES and what they are going to keep bringing to the table with these high end stealth balsa wood baits.