Monday, July 2, 2012

Don't buy St.Croix from Gander Mountain -Triumph ML-Power Spinning Rod

Don't Buy St Croix from Gander!!!
By pondboy from Dupage County Illinois on 7/2/2012
1out of 5
Cons: Breaks Easily
Best Uses: River Fishing
Describe Yourself: Professional
Was this a gift?: No
St Croix makes a great product however They DO NOT reimburse Gander for a broken rod. This means if it breaks(rare but happens) you have to go back to Croix. A huge pain in the ---. I will never buy a rod at Gander Again. When I buy a premium rod, I expect in the rare instance of a rod flaw that I would be helped right away. When I spend good money(that is hard to come buy when times are tough) I expect better service. My next top shelf rod purchase will be elsewhere. Manager at Geneva IL, John was completely unwilling to help and did not care.
I have been a huge fan of Croix for years and own several rods. I have one 15 years old good as new. I was shocked that my triumph broke. I went to lift an average bass over some rip-rap and SNAP! My guess that the fast temperature change, cool to 100 plus outside may have caused the break. I had already caught over 100 fish on the rod in the short time I have had it. I am going to contact Croix and I will see if I should remain a fan.

update: after $17 to send the rod and $20 to fix/send it back, St.Croix will be my last choice for a premium rod. When i buy a premium rod I expect premium service. If I spend 100 dollars I should be able to bring it back for an exchange. I know the rod was not damage by me but by a flaw in the rod. $37 to ship/fix my rod and two weeks without the rod. I would of rather put that money into a new rod I can exchange if the unthinkable happens. $37.00 Is a lot to spend on shipping and the time spent without the rod was an issue for me. Ask about the return policy on any rod you buy.

Croix did fix my rod.
according to Croix:

. Write a note explaining the problem. Send the note, a check for $20* and your entire rod to St. Croix. We suggest using our Discount Shipping Program, which is described elsewhere on this page.
2. If your rod was damaged due to faulty workmanship, then of course we will cover the cost of the repair or replacement during the warranty period.
3. However, if evidence indicates that the damage is due to an accident, normal wear or neglect, then we’ll advise you of the additional cost to repair or replace your rod.
* The $20 s&h charge applies to shipments within the continental USA.

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  1. Bass Pro did the same thing to me with the Shimano Warranty...even though Shimano has an "over the counter" lifetime warranty! That just doesn't make sense...period!