Sunday, December 18, 2016


I am excited to announce that I placed First in the NORTH CENTRAL REGION FRESHWATER KAYAK WARS FISHING TOURNAMENT for 2016! 

Our Team KBL Club Took second place in the North Central Region as well!

Kayak wars is the world's largest multi-species kayak tournament. Individuals and Teams of five catch a huge variety of species in a gauntlet of competitions every year from February 27 to December 18. Every species caught has to be a certain size and is given a point value. Team members submit their catches over the season and the team with the most combined points wins! 

To win kayak wars it takes a huge amount of angling knowledge of many species and the determination to find the fish that will give you and your team the points it needs.  A major key to success is knowing where point size fish are in your area and being able to capitalize on those opportunities. A fish that counts for points is not a small specimen for that species.

The amount of combined hours competing on the water is just staggering as this is not your one or two-day species specific tourney. It is basically a year month after month of snow, cold, wind, sun, heat, waves, illness, rain, ice, sore muscles, cuts, bug bites and darkness. However, with this tournament comes great freedom. The freedom to fish when, where and what you fish for. It works on any schedule and family commitments. The one-time fee fits any budget. Anyone can be a tournament fisherman with Kayak Wars and fish with their own goals at their own pace.

First I want to thank my team for fishing so hard and putting up with my obsession. Joshua Bennett, Tony Lam, Titus Dominguez, and Scott Shaw.

I also need to thank my sponsors!!

Thank you - Pivot Head - Your glasses let me record lifelong memories of my fishing success and failures. I will be able to share my videos and passion with anyone at anytime.

Thank you - Mythic Gear - Your drysuits kept me safe when my kayak cracked through thin ice in the spring and filled with snow in fall.

Thank you - Beardhead - Your fun hats and beards kept my face warm in harsh cold winds.

Thank you - Gillz Wear - Your shirts and masks kept me cool, breathed and protected me from the sun in hot sweltering days of summer. They also kept bug hatches out of my nose and ears!

Thank You - K-1 Baits -  Your baits and flavorings kept me on my main target fish. They were responsible for bigger and higher hook ups this season.

Thank you - Crabby Bass Lures - The plastics you made to my specs helped me catch up when I was behind on all those dark early mornings before work this summer.

Thank you - Dave's Tangle Free - Your weights worked flawlessly as promised and helped with not 1 or 2 or even 3, but 4 species.

Thank you - Notch - Your hats steadily kept the sun out of my eyes. They also kept me at ease on the calm days sight fishing bass and carp.

Below are some stats and tournament related images.