Monday, May 8, 2017

Spring Cold Front Flood Bass

Spring Cold Front Flood Bass

It is May, the temperature is 43 degrees and falling (Beardhead weather to be sure), wind is 20 mph and we have seen more rain then we have in a few years. Everything in my body was saying, stay on the couch and binge watch some Netflix. The problem was I was bored out of my skull. 

So I figured I would just make a fast run over to a local lake. This lake I fish often when I have little time. It use to be great but after years of no management and poachers it is just the shell of it's former glory.

I knew the fish before the storm were building beds. But now after all this water and cold where did they go and were they even thinking of feeding again?

When I decide to go on a quick trip I usually grab one or two rods and one or two presentations. I like to see if I can guess a pattern before I leave my garage. Sometimes I am right on and other times I am the Mayor of Skunkville. So I grabbed my swim jig rod and a worm rod, both armed with new Ardent Reels. I brought a Shur-Set Tackle Shimmy Jimmy white and blue bladed Jig with a white swim tail and a shaky head with a 7 inch black worm.

My hope was the fish put the feed bags back on and moved in close to shore to get the yummy morsels the flood water was bringing into the lake. But lets face it with a major cold front, rain, and dropping temps, bass having a case of lock jaw was just as possible.

So I threw the blade bait along the shore as tight as I could and moved it fast looking for reaction strikes. It paid off big. I landed 4 of 6 of my fish on the Shur-Set Bait. This bait will SHUR be a go to from now on. I picked it instead of a standard chatter bait because the Shimmy Jimmy's profile was broader and its wiggle was wider. I added the largest swim tail I had to make the bait more visible and put off a wider wake n shake in the chocolate milk I was fishing in.

Whenever I came to brush or even a stick in the water I flipped the shaky head black worm combo. I like black in any situation but most of all in stained water. This presentation scored me two more fish and one lost.

It just goes to show no matter how crazy the weather you can still have an awesome Angling Adventure. 

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