Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ice Fishing Clinic with Pondboy

It was very early when the first Dupage Angler member Darkstar showed up at my house. With a hand shake and some laughs we went to the lake before the others to make sure the ice was safe. The winter of 2012 has been an interesting one for ice anglers. Drill, check, drill, check drill, and check, 4-5 inches everywhere, Fantastic. It did not take long for the others to check in, SteeliePete, Wacky Bass, Fluke, M Wolf, and Brimreaper. I bring them to a lake I know very well. The wind was whipping and cold. We started drilling and checking electronics while others get to fishing. Mwolf came up big with the first fish and his first ice bass!!! Blue bird skies as pretty as they are always seem to have an adverse reaction on the bite. A few small gills are found some caught and some missed. The lack of fish was NOT a result of not looking and fishing. As we decide to try another location we pulled away and gazed at the swiss cheese we had created. At the second location Brim nails a very nice crappie right on the first drop! Everyone who went to the second spot caught fish but had to work for them. This location has been one of my favorites but the bite was slow here as well. Everyone had figured out how to catch fish here and I was really happy about that. Darkstar and I figure that we would give it one more try and head to a third location for some night fishing. Darkstar has an aqua view micro and took some time to dial it in. We managed to catch a few more gills and a bass, but like the other locations the bite was slow. We watched helplessly as schools of gills swim by and do not bite. Tired and arms ready to fall off we pack up and head for home happy filled with new memories, friends, and some new fishing skills. I want to thank everyone who attended and braved the weather, wind, cold, and tough bite. I had a great time and look forward to the next angling adventure. For the rest of the photos click here:

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