Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why I Fish

My best friend and wife asked me once why I fish. The only thing I can remember about how this started is that I was about 9 and I was playing with GI Joe and something said go ask your Dad for a fishing pole. I was not completely sure what fishing was. That Christmas My parents got me a boy scout model Zebco 101 and by spring me and the old man were off to the races. The long days out with my father are what I miss most about him now that he has many medical issues. It is one of those times in your life when you look back and just want one, one day back. If I went back in time now, I would run up and hug him tight, ask him what I could carry, and talk his ear off all day long.(we did not talk much when we fished. ( Most guys don't talk but I should have talked with the old man.) The best way I can describe fishing is it like stopping time. You step out of everyday life and are alone, away from all the bills, noise, hardships, traffic, and responsibilities. I have children now and a busy life so the hard core day out is rare. I usually spend too much time preparing the night before, making sure I have the right rod and tackle just set-up the right way; because tomorrow I will not be beaten by any mere scaled foe. Before I know it the alarm goes off. You’re tired but it is not the same tired as if you were getting up for work. I don’t need a shower to wake me up. Hell, I am going fishing! I grab my stuff pack a snack, water, and camera. I sneak out of the house not to wake the children who would be upset that I am not going with them the way I always do. I pull out in to the darkness hoping the no other angler has the same plans as myself. (There is nothing worse than getting to your spot and there is someone already there!) You drive as excitement builds and you start to wonder how many battles are in store this day. I get there and get my waders on and load up. That is the first time when you feel at ease. The night and quiet rap around you and you hear the running water of the creek that is forming a low fog as the sun starts to rise. When I do get this opportunity for one full day I go wading. I have fished for just about any species you can name. There is just something about stepping into a river and being a part of the system of life around you. I am fishing for smallmouth today, or Bronze Backs. They are so very strong for their size, coupled with the current they are a great nemesis. Once you’re in the water it is like another universe. I have heard divers say the same thing. I start out with live bait and a small balsa wood float. I get hypnotized just watching the bobber slip in-between the ribbons of current. Then, it is gone. Holy Crap!! Stay calm. Stay calm. Wait one second...... NOW!! The water explodes, your line makes a screaming sound and there is a heavy pressure in your arm. Control it, there you go, turn him, turn him, and keep his head up! You reach in with a flash and it over, you have one. They are beautiful in their own way. I have no need to keep it. I will go to jewel if I need fresh fish for dinner. So I let it slip away and hope to fight him again or that my kids may one day hook it when it is old and fat from years of life. At that point I Settle down and take a deep breath, relax, and get ready to do it again. That’s it. It's perfect. It is part of who I am

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