Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Broken Success

           I had a VERY interesting evening! I went hardcore bassin for the first time this season. I was loaded for bear with four rods. I had a spinner-bait rod, worm rod, crank-bait rod and a spinning rod. I had a grub of life on the spinning rod which only got me one small fish. The crank-bait came up empty. However, the Texas rigged bps hula grub and the spinner-bait were another story. I toss the hula grub and on my first cast I hook and lose what looked to be a 17inch fish. Son-of-A….. I was furious. The third cast a solid thump and off to left went my line. This fish was heavy! I leaned back and with a huge head thrash my first five pound fish of the year! I switch to a spinner bait and move down the high cut shore line. This shore is nice with the weeds still down I am up high, its like standing on the deck of a bass boat. I cast across a cove, in about three turns of the reel and there was a huge roll! With a fast low sweeping hook set I hear CRACK!!! My mid-range Shimano rod explodes in three pieces! I just stand there shocked like the guy from the second Grumpy Old Men after his encounter with catfish hunter. The best I can guess is I saw a stick sticking out of the ground, I figure I hit it in just the right spot. Then I notice my line did not break and the fish is still on! Sweet at least I got him. I work my way around the lake and catch two more nice fish. I also met a local named Bob and we stood there for a half hour and traded stories, a very nice guy. It was the perfect night to experience broken success.

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