Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Quick Trip 3-6-12

I got home from work this evening and found it warm and still light out. I got dressed as fast as I could and ran out the door down to a local pond. I pitched out some minnows and spikes looking for crappie. I search the 7-9 depths I had found them at the last time and fished different depths looking for my spotted foes. I was out witted this night by the sly crappies. I looked at my feet and was a little surprised to see a gill trying its best to get a dead minnow in its mouth. What we they doing next to shore with the water still so cold? I only had 15 minutes or so left till dark. I quickly adjust to 2 feet down and loaded my ice jig with spikes. BAM BAM BAM in they came one after the other. I caught a quick dozen of these GIANT gills (insert sarcasm). I was glad to have an ultra lite! I fought each like it was the fish of a lifetime playing each one out. Enjoying the unexpected quick action. Funny, I would have just ignored these little guys once things heat up and left them for my kids to catch but they provided me with a few minutes of tiny pan-fish fun tonight.

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