Monday, April 30, 2012

Quick Trip april 30

When I get the chance to fish on lunch I usually hit the fox because its only about 7 minutes away from my  office. Most of the time I have about 30 minutes to make something happen. Today I kept some crawlers on ice in a cooler and did some quick drift fishing. I got lucky and scored a young white bass.

A co-worker and fellow DA member Csimon sent me a message asking if fishing the river from shore was torture because I am a wader. My answer was yes. Well, a lot of the time. Like today, I could see the pockets I should be fishing in front of the dam but could not reach them. Once you wade, the way you see a river is vastly different. Many times shore fishing rocks too, especially cat fishing. But when smallies are your primary target its like having a carrot hung out in front of you and it is just out of reach.

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