Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ripplin Surprize

I went out tonight with only about 45 minutes to fish. I fished very hard but very slow. Texas rigged lizard, swim jig, and a Carolina rig. None of my plans were working. With about 15 minutes of light left, I notice some very small breaks on the waters surface. The problem was it was on the other side of the lake. I jogged over to the other side. I have a few jerk baits on me at all times. I grabbed a Cotton Cordell® Ripplin' Red Fin®. In about Three casts I had a fish to save the night! The Red Fin is a bulky stick bait. But it has great flash and a pronounced Ripplin' wide wobble. It is absolutely deadly on northern and fall salmon. This bait is one every fisherman needs to have when the time arises. I own two right now both are littered with teeth marks.

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  1. Very nice pondboy! I have used Cotton Cordell for many years and have done well.