Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Frat Bass Like Getting Hammered

I went out about about 7:45 and had a little over an hour to fish. I was anxious for a tight line after taking a break for a wonderful week with the family on vacation. After reading Darkstar's Blog and seeing his Hammer fish I grabbed a white and blue KVD swim jig and large blue and white Hammer Swim-bait. I fished a pressured set of lakes were any outing over four fish is a good night and anything larger then 12 inches is welcome. The upper lake as I call it came up empty and I was wondering if bringing one rod and one bait might have been a huge mistake. I figured I would just make a couple casts in the lower lake which has fewer bass per acre but the size is a little better. Anything over four fish on this lake in an hour is fantastic. The lake has a huge population of shad and I saw several swirls along the far shore. Within the second cast I had a fish on and four more followed as well as missing two bass both lost on the jump and head shake. All the fish smashed the hammer. A couple shook the well placed plastic loose! I did so well the a younger angler walked half the lake to catch up to me and see what I was chuckin. I was more than happy to show him and tell him about the DuPageAngler.com. It was a fast but fun night.

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