Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bassin' with Pondboy and Darkstar by Ted Yates (SoonerBass)

This was a post written by Sooner Bass fellow Dupage Angler Member: Met up with pondboy and darkstar last night to try fishing a pond that darkstar had learned about from Wacky. Darkstar had posted some nice fish he and his friend had caught there the week before so I was excited to try it. We began fishing the windy side of the pond first and I was able to pick up a couple decent 2-3lbers. First fish of the night was caught on a watermelon seed/chartreuse tail fluke: Unfortunately it was too windy to fish this fluke effectively as I had it rigged basically weightless so I switched to a rapala glidin' rap and picked up another nice one:

 We moved over to the calmer side of the pond and it was pretty slow for a while but PB figured out that small Crabby Bass Lures Helgies were the ticket to get the bass to bite: After seeing PB catch several bass on the helgie he was kind enough to help me get rigged up with the setup he was using and I was able to get my first Crabby Bass Lures bass!

 I won't rehash the setup and method for fishing this rig as PB already did a nice blog post a couple weeks ago on how he fishes this bait. In case you missed it: As the sun began to set I switched over to a small Storm Chug Bug and caught several more fish. Unfortunately what likely would of been the big bass of the night came unhooked. Most of the fish we caught were right off the weedline close to shore. We had to call it quits a little early before it got too dark to see where we were walking as I am still moving at the pace of an octogenarian with a healing sprained ankle and Darkstar was doing his best Corey Hart impression on this night. One word of caution when fishing any area with high weeds and brush this time of year, watch out for ticks! Pondboy found three on his person and I found one after we were done. Big thanks to Dark* and Wacky for sharing this spot with PB and I! Had a great time guys.

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