Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Grub Exchange

I have been throwing grubs a lot lately especially the pruducto grub which I found out rocks on the ponds by my house and not just at the rivers for smallies. The largemouth and crappies small and large like them as well. I cannot throw the same thing though to many outings in a row, i get bored. so Tonight I grabbed a mix bag of grubs. I took mini mites, crappie spiders(well that is what we called them, they are twister tails with a rubber skirt at the head), producto, and a cheap road runner knock off. The mini mites, and spiders came up empty. I caught a couple right away on the producto and also got a hit on this cheap road runner wanna be. I looked at the cheap tail on the runner and thought that if it just had better action. So I took a producto spring grub and bit the top off. I replaced the cheap plastic tail and was off to the races. Almost all my fish came on my new combo. However NEVER buy a jig that is not a real road runner because the blades don't spin as they should. Lesson learned. I caught about ten fish many small but a blast on my ultra light. I also lost a few. So when your small plastics are not working as they should think out of the box and visit the grub exchange.

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