Thursday, June 14, 2012

Small Creek Cats

So I meet up with Brad Wilkens co-owner of Crabby Bass Lures bright an early and we decide to wade a small creek that runs into the major river were we live. When I go wading my main target is smallies, but since I drift live bait landing multiple species happens and is welcome. Besides the smallies which I will show in another post we got into a catfish fish bite. This trip was planned last minute and we only had crawlers, but if I had my way I would also have leeches and minnows. All three will catch cats and you will be surprised how many will crush a minnow. All the catfish we caught were in deeper pools near rock ,wood, and current. After drifting shallow for the smallies we would adjust our presentation deeper and deeper until we hit the cats. We also caught a mess of suckers which were a great fill in fish and pretty fun to catch as well. It was a great time.  I want to thank Brad for going. Brad is also a member of and this is yet another example of how anglers meet on our site and become fishin partners!

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