Monday, June 18, 2012

Stiff Wind Spinner-Bait Bass

Tonight I had about an hour and a half to hit the water. It was hot here today around 90 but there has been a very stiff wind all day responsible for down power lines. There was going to be no finesse or feel fishing in this and it was getting dark. I chose a spinner-bait because its heavy and when a fish is on its on. You can heave it again the wind and still place your cast were intended. I use a 5'5 med light pistol handled rod for my spinner-baits. This rod loads fast and since I fish many ponds, with just a flick of the wrist I can put the bait next to rocks and under trees also getting long casts in tight spaces. I landed 8 bass two very nice fish in a short time. I chose my favorite Colorado blade short arm bait. This bait I use in muddy water and after rains. Today this wind was stirring things up and I needed that extra vibration and thumping only this blade delivers.

Presentation: On the wind blow shores I slow rolled the bait. That is to say I reeled t just enough to get the blade turning and that worked great. However on the non wind blown banks I had to pick up the speed even burn it just under the surface to get a strike because the water clarity was much better in these areas. Some fish hit before I could get off a couple cranks! So next time the wind blowing on a hot day, grab a spinner-bait and thump that blade for a few bass.

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