Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Finesse Bass in Summer Heat

I went out for a few hours Saturday morning. I got to the DuPage early. The river was up and murky I managed to score a few pan-fish and rock-bass but only two smallies. Unwilling to work that hard I decided to switch gears and try my hand at some largemouth. I started at 2 ponds I had not fished since spring an the bite was tough. I could see fish hitting shad on the surface and I threw all the baits you are suppose to when that happens but I could not get a fish to go. I was about to leave when I saw one lone pipe with a trickle of cold water coming from it. I quickly caught two and missed a nice fish. 

Today was also the first time I got to try Pivothead Video Recording Eyewear!!! Let me tell you not having to wear a camera is a huge relief! The way I see it I have to wear glasses for fishing anyway, what a great idea! I am excited about future shoots. Its so cool the my readers can see it my way; the way it happens before my eyes.

After a short break in the noon high heat I wanted to see if the small plastic pattern would still yield results. To my delight it did plus with one very large surprise!

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  1. Very nice video Pond Boy and the videos will only get better and better!