Saturday, August 11, 2012

Corn Chum Pond Carp

If you listened to our last podcast, carp has been on my mind. I chummed a pond with corn I started fishing right away. I fished for a couple hours until dark as Darkstar tried for bass.This lake has a smaller population of carp but the size can be very nice. I did not get hit. But before I left I chummed the area one last time. 

I went back this evening and fish the chum line from the night before. I fished two lines with floats one with corn and one with bread. I had a big hit on the bread. On the hook set there was a splash and the hooked popped. After some time I managed to get two great pond fish on corn! The powerful runs were a blast on 6 pound line!

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  1. i love carp and rough fish, im not above anything that swims and has fins