Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dupage Guide Service Scores Some River Success

Most of my friends and members of DuPage Angler already know that I offer guide services for DuPage County and the surrounding counties. I started the business to take sharing and teaching angling to the next level and the extra income really helps out at home. So this weekend DuPage Fishing Guide Service met a great guy Mike C at o'dark thirty to go and catch some fish while wading. We went to the Fox River and it was a beautiful morning. We were surround by birds fishing for their breakfast and even watched as four deer cross the river with the sunrise reflecting off their coats. The water is just starting to get a slight chill telling us fall will be here soon. The bad news was a cold front had just come in and the first couple of hours I wished I wore my hoodie and was worried about the bite. Mike was not married to any species and was open to a live bait presentation, my kind of guy! We drove through the dark and I yammered on and on about the science of drift fishing. Mike's first cast with a crawler and BAM a huge cat slams his presentation!

The fish was a two hander! So happy for him! I was worried about the first cast, kiss of death, and we joked that if that fish had been a smallie we should just stop now and get breakfast because it could not get any better than a trophy smallie. LOL!

Mike payed close attention to my lead and scored 7 more cats after that one. Mike also caught 2 small-mouth 1 large-mouth and a drum in 4 hours!!! He had two other chances at huge fish which broke him off and we missed a few others. We had a great time trading stories and getting to know each other. 

If you are new, experienced, or want to teach your kids, I offer a wide variety of opportunities so please feel free to contact me and we can hopefully have a similar experience and tight lines.