Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Friday Night Bites

Since I have now access to a kayak. I cannot help but want to fish in it every chance I get. Ted aka Soonerbass Took me to one of his regular lakes, Lake Patterson in Aurora. With the gusts of wind earlier in the day , I was not expecting the glass top on the water we got when we arrived. It was beautiful evening and you could see weed patches popping out all over the lake. Ted had warned me about the excessive foliage so I was prepared with several weedless offerings. As he sky turned pink and some of the last smells of summer drifted my way I figured out that they wanted something small and slow. I grabbed the rod with same finesse rig I have used in the past. #4 circle hook one shot 12-18 inches up small plastic of your choice. Crabby Bass Helgies, Case Helgies, and Berkley 4 inch power worms are my favorite baits to throw on this rig. I rigged on the jet black power worm made a cast right into a pocket, it slowly dropped since the hook is small and there is only one small shot size b helping it descend into the depths. Zizzzzzz went the drag and I had my first of eight bass for the night. Ted had some hits as well. I missed a good 6 fish. This is a bad side effect of the small hook, but it is the slow drop that makes the magic happen. It was a very pretty sunset and a fun place to yak some large mouth. I had to question myself why i had never fished this lake after living ten minutes away for the last 8 years. That's one of the benefits of a site like DuPage Angler you meet great guys and experience new things like Lake Patterson and the Friday night bites.

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