Monday, December 3, 2012

Pre-Ice December Panfish

Pre-Ice December Panfish
By Robert Mayer (DA Member BrimReaper)

Met up with Pondboy and Redhook yesterday, for some December angling at local ponds. Temps in the 60's and sunny, who could ask for more?

I'd caught fish in each of the first eleven months of the year, so I was looking for December fish. Didn't have to wait long, as I caught a mixed bag of crappies and gills at the first pond. PB and RH were connecting as well --- we were using live bait --- we came well stocked, with minnows, waxies, spikes and worms. 

The second pond was disappointing. It had previously been closed to public fishing, and PB was anxious to try it now that it's open to the public. Each of us only caught a sunfish or two, but maybe it will produce in the future. The third pond was a PB favorite and we all caught fish. PB and I picked out the same spots we had done well at last month, just a few feet a part from each other; and history repeated itself. He was casting out and catching crappies with minnows, and I was targeting the gills closer to shore with an ice jig and Gulp 1" minnow..

RH called it a day, as PB and I headed for a pond in a subdivision that had a prominent sign posted "Private Property.... No Trespassing.... Written Permission Required... " Blah, Blah, Blah. Not to worry, PB says he has written permission. And yes, its even written in stone! Literally! In hieroglyphics!!   I didn't have any luck, but PB showed why's he's a Master Angler, reeling in 2 really nice bass.

Two kids stopped by, asking whether we lived there. I figured their parents sent them out to stall us while they called the cops, but PB explained to them about his permission slips, and his history at the pond, and all was well. One even brought out a rod and reel, and PB baited their hook as we got out of Dodge.

No luck at the final hole we tried, but all in all, it was a great December day for fishing.

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