Friday, October 25, 2013

2013 Inland Trout Season

2013 Inland Trout Season

I love inland stock trout season again, now that I have a kayak and no longer have to deal with the hordes of fisherman shoulder to shoulder. members Darkstar, Brim, JC  Crappies, and myself met at 330 to be at Loon by 430 a half hour be the start time at 5. While we were waiting to launch I noticed some one quietly drop pieces of something in the water. I did not think anything about it at the time. With our kayak rigged with lighting for night fishing, it was pretty cool to yak fish in the dark until sunrise. For the first time I could not hook up with a trout on opening day. I was not alone. Almost everyone was skunked with a guy here or there with a trout. All four of us yakin on opening day and we had nothing. On the way back to shore I noticed some guys pulling trout one after the other in a six foot area, the guys around them nothing. Funny it was the same place were I saw the guy throwing something in before we launched. These guys obviously chummed, but with what? I have no idea. Is that even legal?

Day two JC(Chunsum), Darkstar, and I went to Blackwell. DS did not have his paddle sticker yet on his yak and could not launch in the forest preserve. He went home back to his warm bed. It was cold but the trout were biting. Guys up and down the lake were getting some. JC had two when he had to leave for another obligation. I continued to fish hard for a couple of more hours until I had my limit.

I was armed to the teeth with every lure and live bait I could think of for these slippery fish. Four out of my five fish came on minnows only 2 feet under the surface in 17 feet of water. That was pretty cool, one fish surfaced and I made a cast to that spot and he hit it immediately!!! That never happens.

 A bonus, I was marking some deeper fish as well on my Lowrance. They ended up being crappies so I caught a few of them as well. This was the first time in all my years that day two was better then day one. It was a blast and I cannot wait until spring.

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