Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Return of the Grass Carp Nemesis The Sequel

After my last carp experience I have gotten carp fever. I have been making new flavors of dough baits and have started to use a hair rig with boilies as well. I have been fishing in the evenings, the last two hours before sunset. It seems the fish lately have become very active during this time when the wind lays down.
The past few days I have caught and lost some nice cats and common carp. I have been chumming the bottom with banana scented corn and the surface with different kinds of bread, I fish the boilie on the bottom and the different dough baits near the surface. I have a third rod sitting on the side with a bread ball set 1 foot under a float. Once I see any surface activity I pull the dough rod out and quickly cast the bread rod.

Last night fishing with chunsum it was this bread rod that hooked yet another grass carp!!! I could not believe I have hooked two within a week of each other since they are few in number in the waters I fish. My guess is that they are feeding more heavily before much of the vegetation dies before winter. To see what happened you will just have to watch for yourself!

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