Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Quick Trip "a dance with Maggie"

Jc Crappies and I were able to get out for a short time before the frigid temps of 2014 struck. It was right after a big snow and getting to many of our spots was just not going happen without the roads being better. We pick a very small pond behind a large building that helped block the wind. This lake is like a box of chocolates we never know what we are going to get. Sometimes it is bonanza sometimes bust.

Jc lowered his knew camera down and we sent Magic Maggie down to do her work. Slowly his screen filled with fish! They were not aggressive besides a couple fish that surprised us. We had to get Maggie to dance and entice these fat boys to go. Then we started hitting the gills not crazy but consistently until or time ran out.

It was a blast we both had different tungsten jigs with Magic Maggies from Aurora Lure Company. They worked great when it slowed I would pair the Maggie with a spike. This really helps your bait last if you are using the live stuff. I also used a couple Swedish Pimples and Big Eye spoons tipped with a Maggie and or a spike. These baits are pretty cool and I am sure you will hear more about them.

Below is a promo for the Maggie with just a little bit of footage from that day.

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