Friday, June 8, 2012

Crabby Bass Helgie Shows Promise

CSimon of Crabby Bass Lures called me to let me know they were developing a small helgie. He asked if I would mind field testing the new lure. I took it to a pressured lake that I fish often. I fish case helgies, crabby bass wacky worms and four inch power worms all the same way with small raven specialist hooks(octopus hooks) sizes four and in this case size 6, along with one small shot size B about 18 inches above the hook. For the helgies it is just a simple drop and slow lift repeated until the lure is back to shore. The bait itself is only about 2 inches long and very light which gives it a nice slow fall with this presentation. There is not much action in the bait itself. It like a tiny french frie or do nothing worm. The shape of the bait, size, and slow fall was all the crabby helgie needed! I caught about 10 bass and missed 4 or so. Since this bait is so small it comes with small bass, which I have no problem catching. I also landed two decent bass and lost one big boy. Much like road runners its small size does not keep larger fish from hitting it. Many ice fisherman can account for tiny ice jigs landing huge fish. I had a blast and missed a trip to gander mountain because I stayed out to long fishing Crabby Bass Lures.

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