Monday, June 11, 2012

Gander Mountain hit and a miss

 About a year ago my wonderful wife bought me a GSX Titanium Spinning Reel, GSXTI-40 from gander mountain it was a beautiful reel I bought to go with my triumph small mouth rod. Problem is the reel is terrible as beautiful as it is. Line leaves the spool terribly, line twist is the worst of any reel I have owned, and the bail separated and broke in the middle of a wade!!! This was a huge 80.00  miss for Gander Mountain. I was steamed and brought it back today worried that I would be given a hard time. with it being a year old and no longer having my receipt. However The fishing Guy John at the store on Randall Road was awesome. He made me feel at easy and was eager to set things straight. I told him I should have not cheated on shimano and he said well lets get you one! It only cost me 10 dollars to upgrade to a  Shimano Symetre 1000 which he pointed out was on sale. I already own two of these reels both ten years old and both work great today. This was a huge hit thanks John you deserve a raise!

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