Monday, June 25, 2012

Finding Smallmouth Drifting the Creek with Live Bait

Darkstar and I headed out early to a creek to try some new water a friend gave me a tip on where may be good. However, This spot only had one large muddy hole and what would normally be good water to fish was shut down due to very low water. The only way sometimes to find a new spot sometimes is to get in there and check it out. This time it did not pan out. The previous week it had taken us 6 spots on the Kish to find fishable and producing water. So unwilling to lose more time on this day we went to a stretch I know very well and had a blast drifting live bait for smallmouth.

Low water is great for drifting, fish stack up in holes and the current slowed makes for perfect drifts and we had no issues with current drag on our lines it took just an occasional line flip to keep our presentations at natural speeds. For anglers looking for more fish and newbies needing some success the science of drifting is the ticket.

Sometimes I will drift down stream a whole stretch of river than use a search bait like a Mepps spinner, or Producto spring grubs to scan areas and pick fish we missed on the fast trip back up river to my car.

his Trip’s Gear:
St. Croix Triumph Spinning Rod 6’6 ML fast action

Berkley XLVS6-15 Trilene XL Fishing Line 330Yd Clear 6lb

Shimano Symetre 1000 fishing reel

Terminal Tackle:

Raven steelhead floats – SM and SS with Raven Silicone Float Cap Tubing

Raven Specialist Hooks sizes 4 and 6

Split shot in a shirt button shot pattern 4-5 until float is balanced
Water Gremlin makes the finest removable split shot sizes B & BB

Canadian Night Crawlers
Large Fathead Minnows

Sunny Temperature 90 degrees

Semi to clear – 2ft – to 5ft

Target Areas:
Running water with holes ranging from 2 to 5 feet with adjacent wood and rock


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  2. Great video Pondboy! It was great to watch. Relaxing and exciting at the same time!