Thursday, June 28, 2012

Quick Trip June 28, 2012

DuPage Angler Member Woz, (which if you ever meet him ask about the time I found a tick and he was wearing a cast) had talked me into trying some new area around Warrenville on the DuPage River. I had about 2 hours before dark, I left the house quickly armed with crawlers and some spring grubs.

I walked about a half mile of my first spot and scored 3 smallies and missed just as many. I also caught on small large mouth and a few nice gills all on crawlers. This area looked great but I just scratched the surface. Wading was tough because although the ground looked like solid rock however, it was very soft letting my shoes sink during much of my walking my calves are sore this morning.

I got back in the car and drove past a section I use to past on my way home every night. I swore I would try it. I only had about 20 minutes left so I walked quickly along the shore because putting the wader back on would take to much time. It was a long stretch of 2 ft water and flat in this low water. I fanned casted the grub and cover as much as I could before my light was gone. I scored another 3 fish again losing 3. There was a ton of water I missed. So I will be headed back there soon.

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