Thursday, June 28, 2012

Heated PoP-Tart Bass

Soooo It was over 100 degrees today and I told myself,  "self stay inside no need to fish it is too freaking hot." Well I am not going to listen to that jerk! What does he know anyway.
There was an hour left of light and the wind was dying, I started to think about the chug bug bite That Ted Yates had the other night and I really wanted a top water fish. Drenched with sweat and bug spray I made my first cast with the smaller Chug Bug in tiger pattern and the water explodes! I was startled and made the most common mistake of all, I set the hook before I felt the fish. I composed myself slowed down the retrieve a bit and BAM my first fish. This would be the first of ten landed fish and several blasts that missed the bait this evening. These bass shot up like pop tarts on this heated evening attacking the "pop" of the chug bug BAM POW ZOOM CRASH SPLASH, they were inhaling the bait. On my tenth fish tragedy struck as you can see in the video below. I tried the full size bug and had several fish swipe but had none on. My fun was over for the evening. It was actually welcome since I was dying of thirst and my shirt was dripping wet with sweat. Please take precautions during extreme heat. But if you brave the evening as the sun sets you may get some heated pop tart bass of your own.