Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Polarized Glasses and Clear Water Smallmouth

When A fisherman says you must have this certain tech that will change your fishing forever, sometimes you think: whatever dude. This is not one of those times. Polarized Glasses really can mean the difference between one fish and ten. These Glasses should be worn every time out. For smallmouth in clear water it is critical! On the weekend I ventured to a fox tributary and fished a section I had not hit since last year. The water was very clear. First let me state that smallies are the most selfish fish in our rivers and streams they would rather steal from another then find their own food. 

This is the coolest smallie trick ever. When you hook one in clear water let it swim for a while look with your glasses. A lot of time you will see others checking it out for a steal-a-meal. If you are with someone else have them quickly cast right as you pull the fish out and they will now have one as well! 

Two of the holes on this stretch I was not going to waste much time on since they have not been great producers. Until this time when I saw many followers in the clear water. Without the glasses these would have been hard to see and I may of left the hole early. When I take guys out wading many times I can call the shot spotting fish for them. "cast at your it comes...NOW!!!" Without the glasses I would feel naked.(nobody needs that visual)

I believe glasses are one the most important tools a fisherman needs. If you have not used them there are many makes and models from $10 - $400. I have done great with the 20.00 dollar variety. I own four pairs. I would love to say that they were all for different situations but the truth is I loose them and then find them.

If your going to go big then go with Pivothead Recording Eyewear! we have been field testing these and they are great!!! Its nice to have your camera equipment on you at all times a finger touch away from capturing great catches. you need the glasses and if you need a camera this is a win-win.

If you wear glasses already spend the money and get some prescription fishing glasses. Trust me once you do it will open your eyes.

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  1. Not only does it help locating fish but it also protects your face from debris and hooks. I have had some close calls with lures flying by my head so the glasses serve as added protection just in case that happens. Good write up PB!