Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Post Rain Pond Carp

When ever it rains I rush out once it has stopped to see if my bass pipe bite is on. Sometimes there is no water, no bass, or both. What I do see more often is that the carp in these small ponds just need a little run off to go on the feed. I have seen hundreds at times after a good rain, fish large and small. On this day I was not planning on carp fishing or I would have made a Wheaties or strawberry dough bait. Heck at minimum I would of had a can of corn. I had bread. I grew up in Glendale Heights Illinois and the only body of water was Mill Pond. Its inhabitants were carp and bullhead. I spent many days fishing carp. We always had good ol wonder bread in the pantry and it always caught the pond carp. The Carp after a rain sit in front of pipes or  will sit with their noses pressed up to shore getting the newly fallen goodies the rain has delivered. My favorite rod for slipping them a wonder bread micky is my 10 Browning noodle rod. It allows me to drop the bread ball which is only 6 inches under my float just past them away from shore without being seen. Rain+Bread+Small Hooks+floats= fun with carp!!!

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