Friday, August 3, 2012

Quick Trip With Fluke and what the shad?

DuPage Pro-Staffer Fluke stopped by My house tonight and we did a quick pond hop. Itwas still very hot at six when we hit the water. We each got a few but we did not slay them. That was ok, as we threw the crap around laughing and comparing recent stories and caught up. There was no real set pattern although spinnerbaits took the biggest fish. Fluke also landed a nice one on a chigger craw.

What the shad man??? I do not think I could match the hatch any better than this.

I found this dead shad on the shore of a lake we were fishing and bought these storm shad mini swim baits thinking I was just going to crush the bass. But got the skunk on this bait choice. I was not crazy about the action on the bait. Has anyone used these and had any luck? What retrieve did you use?

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  1. Pondboy, That shad you found does not look to have any battle damage. With swim baits I like to hook them behind a Scrounger Jig to give them some more action. With just the swim bait I too was not happy with the action, but behind a scrounger the action is sick and the bass love it....