Friday, August 3, 2012

West Branch Aug 2nd Quick Trip

DuPage Member Sooner Bass (Ted) was persuaded to put his yard stuff away for another night and to come with me to Warrenville. When we got there the first thing we noticed is that the grass in the river has exploded clogging what had been good smallie runs. We walked up river as far as we could and fished quickly to get back to our cars before night fall. Ted threw a tube and helgies while I drifted live bait.(surprise surprise) My first fish was what I call a DuPage Trophy. It was taped at about 17.5 Anything 17 and up on the dupe is a truly awesome fish. To my dismay it was not a tagged fish. But mark my words friends, ONE DAY I WILL GET A TAGGED FISH!!!!(insert evil laugh and thunder or your choice of dramatic music) We did catch plenty of smallies and pan fish, the bad part was most were small smallies. What can ya do? We had a great time and I even scored a bonus large-mouth.

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