Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Big Difference with

The Big Difference when it comes to is that It takes the basic forum experience and adds a Facebook front-end to it. What does that do? Well Let me tell you about today. After four random guys thought they were just going an average fishing forum. The found they had 2 levels of Profiles to build on, adding video, photos, and friends. Some of them even add their other social networks. These Guys one including myself started posting on their profiles and forum. Next the site led them to each others Facebook pages and groups were the conversation continued. The next step from this angling network, three of us found out we worked at the same company just different locations! Once we knew each other could be trusted with each others honey holes and everyone seem like a guy with character we made an event among ourselves to go crappie fishing! There was the dreaded blue bird skies and a wicked cold front.

Everyone Gave it their all but not even one bite for any of us. We laughed and talked. We told stories talked about the site and trips we had taken in the past. We got to put real faces with the tiny avatars we saw online and made some real friends. DuPage Angler does everyday what other sites cannot, transform online interaction into real, safe, fun experiences for nice guys that share the same passion for angling. From its angling network it's creating an elite alliance of good guys and friends who are meeting and having good times on the water fish or no fish. I want to thank DA members Csimon and Wilks19 for trusting Darkstar and I to come out and fish on their home waters. 

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