Friday, August 31, 2012

Wind Current Finesse Bass

In a hurry, I grab a rod and went to a near by larger lake. The problem was I grabbed the wrong stuff for the conditions. I brought a spinning rod, pack of 4 inch power worms, some small hooks, shot, and pliers. I was ready to do some finesse fishing except the wind was chucking across the lake into my face. Something I would have noticed had I not been in such a hurry. I was too lazy to go back. I walked so the wind was parallel to me and just launched a cast as far as I could. The bait would not drop as it normally would in this in wind The presentation was blowing across the water and so I was about to leave and POW fish on!  Next Cast another fish. Then it all came together. I used the wind to push my set-up as if I was wading and drifting helgies in the current. I held the rod up let the wind push it, if the bait settled I would give it a little pop as I would anyway. The only thing left was maintaining the slack. This technique produced 16 fish landed in an hour and a half!!! Of course I missed a bunch. The rig I use alot for small plastics consists of a number 6 circle hook, one small shot 12 inches up, and small plastic of your choice. Next time your set-up is too light for windy conditions use the wind as current and catch those finesse bass!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My First Kayak Fishng Trip

Ted Yates aka Soonerbass, calls me up and offers to take me river fishing via Kayak! How awesome is this?!? He has two and we make plans for me to meet him at the bottom of the run we were to fish. We then took my vehicle to the top of the run.

I was very nervous and excited. I was excited because this was an area of angling I have not yet explored. Nervous about being able to maneuver and fish at the same time. The yak he had for me was a sit-in Heritage 9.5ft feather-light. This was perfect. Being only 5'8 I had more than enough room inside for myself and some gear.

I was glad that the first hole was right next to the launch site and I quickly scored a few small-mouth! The second we started down stream I realized just how freakin cool this is. It is truly great to be able to just glide over areas that I either could not or would not wade. I was able to take in more nature as well while quickly moving form hole to hole.

This being my first time, my mind raced trying to keep track of my line, my yak, and where I was going. I felt as though I did not do bad for a first timer. The bite was on and we caught dozens of smallies with drift rigs and small plastics. Most of the smallies were small but that did not make it any less fun. Crabby Bass Helgies worked really well for us. After a while Ted managed to show me how to read the current to slow my yaks progress, how to park in weeds, and next to objects when needed. The only down side after hours of fishing my arms and ass were killing me. The light weight was awesome at 35 pounds! Way better then the 10 foot aluminum smoker craft I used for years that weighed 200 pounds. The yak fits perfect in my mini-van and my old carcass had no issue bringing it to the vehicle from the water's edge.

I want to thank Ted for this incredible experience and opening my eyes to something I should have been doing for years. It is just the beginning for this angler's kayak adventures.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Quick Trip August 17 2012

I managed to get out for 1.5 hours. Had some strawberry dough left. I got these two by sneaking up on them as they cruised the shoreline for food!

nice carp from Daniel Byrne on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Carp Love Strawberry Dough Dessert

I have made two carp baits myself for a few years now. I make a pure Wheaties and vanilla dough bait and a strawberry dough bait.

Pondboys Strawberry Dough Bait:
1 cup water
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
2 teaspoons sugar
1.5 cups corn meal
1.25 cups of flour
1/2 package of strawberry jello
1/4 cup of Wheaties crushed to powder

Combine these ingredients chill then roll into balls. Keep refrigerated. This last batch I made was perfect! Not too hard, not too soft, and it sticks to a treble very nicely.

I got a chance to try the baits after a light rain and scored 3 fish in an hour. I missed one as well.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Darkstar72's Fishing Blog: Wading, Catching, Chatting - The Movie!

Darkstar72's Fishing Blog: Wading, Catching, Chatting - The Movie!: Ok, so the title is a bit dramatic but I finally got the video edited in a way that pleased me so without further ado I present Wading, Chat...

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Corn Chum Pond Carp

If you listened to our last podcast, carp has been on my mind. I chummed a pond with corn I started fishing right away. I fished for a couple hours until dark as Darkstar tried for bass.This lake has a smaller population of carp but the size can be very nice. I did not get hit. But before I left I chummed the area one last time. 

I went back this evening and fish the chum line from the night before. I fished two lines with floats one with corn and one with bread. I had a big hit on the bread. On the hook set there was a splash and the hooked popped. After some time I managed to get two great pond fish on corn! The powerful runs were a blast on 6 pound line!

This weeks PODCAST!!!!! DuPage Angler Marty Rogers and Pond Boy (Dan Byrne) talk about carp fishing.

This weeks PODCAST!!!!! DuPage Angler Marty Rogers and Pond Boy (Dan Byrne) talk about carp fishing.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Polarized Glasses and Clear Water Smallmouth

When A fisherman says you must have this certain tech that will change your fishing forever, sometimes you think: whatever dude. This is not one of those times. Polarized Glasses really can mean the difference between one fish and ten. These Glasses should be worn every time out. For smallmouth in clear water it is critical! On the weekend I ventured to a fox tributary and fished a section I had not hit since last year. The water was very clear. First let me state that smallies are the most selfish fish in our rivers and streams they would rather steal from another then find their own food. 

This is the coolest smallie trick ever. When you hook one in clear water let it swim for a while look with your glasses. A lot of time you will see others checking it out for a steal-a-meal. If you are with someone else have them quickly cast right as you pull the fish out and they will now have one as well! 

Two of the holes on this stretch I was not going to waste much time on since they have not been great producers. Until this time when I saw many followers in the clear water. Without the glasses these would have been hard to see and I may of left the hole early. When I take guys out wading many times I can call the shot spotting fish for them. "cast at your it comes...NOW!!!" Without the glasses I would feel naked.(nobody needs that visual)

I believe glasses are one the most important tools a fisherman needs. If you have not used them there are many makes and models from $10 - $400. I have done great with the 20.00 dollar variety. I own four pairs. I would love to say that they were all for different situations but the truth is I loose them and then find them.

If your going to go big then go with Pivothead Recording Eyewear! we have been field testing these and they are great!!! Its nice to have your camera equipment on you at all times a finger touch away from capturing great catches. you need the glasses and if you need a camera this is a win-win.

If you wear glasses already spend the money and get some prescription fishing glasses. Trust me once you do it will open your eyes.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Post Rain Pond Carp

When ever it rains I rush out once it has stopped to see if my bass pipe bite is on. Sometimes there is no water, no bass, or both. What I do see more often is that the carp in these small ponds just need a little run off to go on the feed. I have seen hundreds at times after a good rain, fish large and small. On this day I was not planning on carp fishing or I would have made a Wheaties or strawberry dough bait. Heck at minimum I would of had a can of corn. I had bread. I grew up in Glendale Heights Illinois and the only body of water was Mill Pond. Its inhabitants were carp and bullhead. I spent many days fishing carp. We always had good ol wonder bread in the pantry and it always caught the pond carp. The Carp after a rain sit in front of pipes or  will sit with their noses pressed up to shore getting the newly fallen goodies the rain has delivered. My favorite rod for slipping them a wonder bread micky is my 10 Browning noodle rod. It allows me to drop the bread ball which is only 6 inches under my float just past them away from shore without being seen. Rain+Bread+Small Hooks+floats= fun with carp!!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Quick Trip With Fluke and what the shad?

DuPage Pro-Staffer Fluke stopped by My house tonight and we did a quick pond hop. Itwas still very hot at six when we hit the water. We each got a few but we did not slay them. That was ok, as we threw the crap around laughing and comparing recent stories and caught up. There was no real set pattern although spinnerbaits took the biggest fish. Fluke also landed a nice one on a chigger craw.

What the shad man??? I do not think I could match the hatch any better than this.

I found this dead shad on the shore of a lake we were fishing and bought these storm shad mini swim baits thinking I was just going to crush the bass. But got the skunk on this bait choice. I was not crazy about the action on the bait. Has anyone used these and had any luck? What retrieve did you use?

West Branch Aug 2nd Quick Trip

DuPage Member Sooner Bass (Ted) was persuaded to put his yard stuff away for another night and to come with me to Warrenville. When we got there the first thing we noticed is that the grass in the river has exploded clogging what had been good smallie runs. We walked up river as far as we could and fished quickly to get back to our cars before night fall. Ted threw a tube and helgies while I drifted live bait.(surprise surprise) My first fish was what I call a DuPage Trophy. It was taped at about 17.5 Anything 17 and up on the dupe is a truly awesome fish. To my dismay it was not a tagged fish. But mark my words friends, ONE DAY I WILL GET A TAGGED FISH!!!!(insert evil laugh and thunder or your choice of dramatic music) We did catch plenty of smallies and pan fish, the bad part was most were small smallies. What can ya do? We had a great time and I even scored a bonus large-mouth.