Monday, September 4, 2017

Summer Bass Kayak Tournament Fishing Ends with Great Results

Summer Bass Kayak Tournament Fishing Ends with Great Results

With August closing the doors on long hot sun lit days also came the end of my competitive summer bass fishing for 2017. I could not be happier with my results.

 The first of these two tournaments was the Kayak Bass Fishing August State Tournament. I finished in sixth place. This was not bad since I only fished half as much as previous months. I watched the weather closely and went to water I knew well and fished hard, very hard. There was no one pattern that did the heavy lifting this month. To be honest, I do not like to fish a single pattern if I do not have to. I have a stack of rods with me with different rigs and I like to use them all when possible. My best day came using my Ardent elite reel and Kovert Denali Rod. I was rigged with a Shur-Set Bladed Purple and black jig and a Crabby Bass Lure black/white belly frog body combo. This rig lit them up when my surface frog bite died. I managed to have a 20 fish day when I watched other fisherman come and inform me they had a tough time.(click on images to preview)

The second of the two tournaments was the KBL Trophy Bass Challenge. This was a season long tournament for the longest combined length of 5 fish. My biggest was a mammoth toad caught in my first week of competition. She was 22 inches long and was tricked into a massive strike with a Roxanne crank-bait from Aurora Lure Co. Three out of the remaining four Smashed into a Colorado bladed spinner-bait. The last destroyed a Shur-set bladed Jig and Big Hammer combo. I also lost four fish during the season that would of moved me forward, one which was heart breaking and I believe would of been my personal career best. The great beast launched itself skyward and tossed my spinner bait back at my yak. I will tell my kids how it winked at me right before it went back to the depths. I finished in second! (click on images to preview)

I fished 7 online tournaments this season so far and finished in the top ten of 6 of them!!! Below are my stats so far for this season.

I could not have been this successful with out my family and a team of great sponsors supporting me. Without whom I would not be so dialed in this season. I would like to sincerely thank all of you.

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