Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dupage Guide Service Bites Through The Frost

I woke up and my house was 60 degrees. Chilled I ran downstairs to turn up the heat and got in a warm shower as fast as I could. When I stepped outside, Wow holy sh-t its like winter out here!! I went back in for another layer, grabbed a couple pairs of gloves, some hand warmers, and I was on my way to meet a fellow DA member who wanted to learn to drift fish a piece of the west branch; I worried. The temperature dropped 20 degrees over night, would there be any bite at all? Chunsum Choi pulled up five minutes early! Two things you should never be late for, church and fishing. We talked for a few minutes getting to know each other better and guessing what the morning may have in store. Clouds of misty coldness came from our breath like chimney stacks. We started as soon as it was light enough to see the float in the low morning glow. A hit! Aw crap missed it. Normally this would not shake me but in this cold I quickly became nervous if there would be another. Chunsum was a fast study and started plugging away hard, taking apart the holes like they were made of Legos. Then wham,fish on! YES!!! This would repeat itself several times as the day went on! Every hole he pounded to find the feeding fish or just hit them in the nose with it!!! I believe he ended up with about ten fish and four species, the lions share Bronze-backs. We had a great time and I cannot wait for our next adventure. On the way home I glance at the temp, 60 degree's. What? A 25 degree rise in 4 hours, Wow.

If you are new, experienced, or want to teach your kids, I offer a wide variety of opportunities so please feel free to contact me and we can hopefully have a similar experience and tight lines.

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  1. it was a absolute blast!! I must say we did quite well in this chilly weather. Thank you for everything and we're doing the Fox for sure!