Tuesday, July 9, 2013


6-26-13 Kayak fishing with Dupageangler.com member Soonerbass aka Ted Yates:
We fished a suburban pond from out yaks and just crushed the fish! Sooner scored his on top water and I landed over 20 on four-inch Berkley Power worms it was an awesome summer night and a great way to break up the workweek. I landed an 18-inch fish on this trip! More on the trip click HERE

6-30-13 Whacker pond fishing with DA member JcCrappies (aka Chunsum Choi):
We hit three ponds and we had a blast!!! We went through so many whackers we had to stop at the house of Crabby Bass Lures partner Charles S and get some more plastics!! I landed an 18 and a 17-inch fish on this trip!

7-1-13 Kayaking and bassing a local lake solo to start my vacation:
I landed over ten bass with Crabby Bass Whackers and 4 in worms! My big fish for this day was a toad that measured 21 inches!!

7-3-13 Kayaking for summer panfish:
I was able to yak a private lake and got a bunch of 10-inch crappies and 7-inch gills. I used little atom plastics and night crawlers

7-4-13 Kayaking with Dupage Anglers and our kayak wars team:
Sooner Bass, Brim, JcCrappies, and myself all met at a small lake at dawn. The top water bite was non-stop for about an hour. Many bass were caught. Once the sun popped the bite all but shut down leaving us with only a few opportunities with plastics. I had so much fun. I landed 3 big fish on this trip a 17,18, and a 20 incher.

7-5-13 Short DuPage River wading trip fishing with Wacky Bass aka Marty R.:
Wacky and I had a couple hours and got a late start. We fished a stretch of the west branch in Plainfield and were covered in sweat before we even started fishing. We drifted live bait and grubs. We caught about 10 between us, had some fun, and then decided to get out of the heat.

7-6-13 Wading the West Branch with Chunsum (aka JcCrappies) in Shorewood:
We arrived very early and started drifting crawlers and crabby helgies. The Bite was not hot and heavy but persistence paid off. We did not catch many in our tradition holes many of the fish were hugging the shores under trees. I am glad Jc noticed this or we would not of caught at least 12 of our fish. My big fish for the day was 17 inches!

7-7-13 Guide Trip Booked with DuPage Anger Member Mcalla:
Mike want to learn more about wading and with the fox up and running we hit a tributary instead. We fished from 5:30 – 10:30 dodging most of the heat. We used my drifting technique with minnows, leeches, and crawlers. Mike scored big with 25 fish, six species, and several nice fish!! www.dupageguideservice.com

Monday, July 8, 2013

One Last Cast: Midweek Kayak Bass Fishing

One Last Cast: Midweek Kayak Bass Fishing: Dan( Pondboy's Angling Experience ) called me Wednesday evening to see if I wanted to meet up and do some kayak fishing.  He must of rea...

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Back to Perch in Chicago

Mike C (www.Dupageangler.com member mcalla) Called me and asked if I would like to join him on a guided trip to Chicago on Lake Michigan for jumbo perch. His partner had to cancel so I quickly jumped at the chance.

Thinking on perch fishing, I was brought back to my youth powerlining www.powerlining.com for perch on the lakefront with my friends. We would wade creeks the day before catching crawfish and walk the tracks looking for railroad spikes to use as weights. We would arrive at the water in the dark and catch perch all day then go home and clean perch all night.

This was my first time back since I was a kid. We used Captain Ralph Steiger. http://captainsteiger.com/ We left the dock with high expectations for a quick limit.
When we started trolling our spinner rigs tipped with crawfish, we realized that it was not going to be an easy day.

We trolled near Navy Pier at around 1.3 – 2 miles per hour just tapping the tops of the weeds. The fish were there we just had to keep at it. Slowly but surely the fish started coming in. The sight of my first perch over 9 inches in years made me very happy. We caught a pile of dinky fish that had to be released. Capt Ralph said “we are staying out here until we get them.”  These words I was impressed to hear and this showed me that he was a good choice as our guide today. We trolled, talked, laughed, and caught fish. We grinded it out and left the lake with 20 in the box and day full of memories.