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This story takes place after a 20+ degree dip over night. Written by Chunsum Choi:

Saturday night my wife asked me if I was going fishing Sunday morning and I said of course
She replied: "Well, don't freeze your ass off. It's gonna be cold!" She had no idea what I had 
gotten myself into.

Sunday, 5:45AM. I pass up Starbucks and I can hear a Venti Latte calling my name. However, 
I was going fishing and the very faint voice of that first smallie calling my name was too clear so 
Latte can wait. 10 min later I arrived at my secret destination and he was waiting for me off the 
West Branch. It's 39 degrees and yeah, I'm going to freeze my ass off with Pondboy.

After a brief introduction, we were quickly dissecting the anatomy of the river and I was given 
instruction on what to look for, what to do and where to cast. It was a lot of interesting 
information that even the ducks were trying to listen in. Then I made my first cast, then the 
second, the third, and another, and another. After a few more, I was pretty sure that the fishes a
re laughing at us and saying: "Those guys are freezing their asses off!" 

As I continue to cast, Pondboy continues to explain the concept, techniques, and equipment. 
Then, BAM, fish on! My first smallie was in my hands and I was ready for more. 
I continue to cast as we moved from spot to spot, and PB continue to to feed me as much info 
as possible about how to fine tune the rig and what to look for on the river. And unlike Calculus, 
I am getting it, I can see it , and I am feeling it as I bring in a gill, a rocky, and couple of 
more smallies.

Finally, we put on our waders and are officially freezing our asses off because it was pretty 
damn cold in the water. We discussed a few more things and I was casting again. 
As soon as I become comfortable with things, I got gill who wants to be a smallie, 
then a river chub joins the party, and finally, my best smallie of the day. 
he put up quite a fight but I got him and I was feeling good. After 4 species, 10 catches, 
and many misses later, I got out of the water. Not because I was freezing my ass off, 
but because I had to get going. 

II haven't had this much fun fishing in a while. Not just because I was catching fish, 
but because I was learning something new and realizing the potential of it and 
I made a new friend who's also willing to freeze his ass off to catch a few fish. 
I am looking forward to freezing in the Fox in the spring.

Big thanks to Pondboy to help make freezing my ass off a pleasant experience.  
if you are thinking about a guided service, just give him a call, it'll be great!

Find him here on or on FB:

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