Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cabelas, Aquaview, & Fish Tv Faceoff

Under Water Camera Review 2012
Cabelas, Aqua-Vu, & Fish Tv Faceoff 

Cabelas 5.5 inch camera 
This camera has a great price point at 120.00, came with a great carry bag, and promise; however it came up short in performance. With the 12v battery, case, screen, and cable the camera was very heavy and large. Hard to lug around when an angler also has electronics, heater, shelter, minnows ect. The camera itself was hard to get in and out of a six inch hole. The biggest issue was the led lights broke on its first trip severely dampening its effectiveness. On the Pondboy score of a possible 5 hooks, this affordable option only gets one hook.

 Aqua-Vu Micro Av 
 I had extremely high hopes for this camera especially after shelling out 299.99. The small size was great for moving around since it fit in my pocket and small tackle bag.The small size became a problem when you want to sit it somewhere and watch it while you fish. It needs a stand or holder of some kind. The infrared lighting on this system rocks, you can see your jig at night. The small diameter of the cable I though would be a plus but lining up and maintaining a direction to watch your jig is a struggle. The line is on a cheap plastic spool that cracks very easily. The notch that hold the line does not do its job and the line falls off the spool often. The fact that it is rechargeable is a great asset. All cameras should be like phones and laptops. The color screen I thought would be a huge plus, funny thing there just is not that much color down there. My local lake just does not have the clown fish. Also for the price this system cannot record! My phone has that option and I paid less than half of this camera’s price. This camera scores 3 hooks on the Pondboy 5 hook scale. 

Fish Tv 
This camera is black and white and is shaped like a TV! The TV has a couple different models one with a video out to record and one without. All underwater cameras need to come with a 4gb drive and usb hookup. I cannot believe this is not a standard feature across the board with all cameras at a price the average angler can swing. The price point for this system was not bad at $135.00 it was smaller that the Cabelas camera and easier to carry and move around the shelter. The cool camera is disguised as fish and I had no issues getting it in and out of a six inch hole. It is powered by 10 c batteries. That’s around 10.00 bucks every time you replace them. But with the C’s the camera is not heavy. Some come with a 12v power cord if you choose to 86 the C’s. The camera was easier to control but it still took some effort. However aided by a camera compass (plastic disk) once your at the right depth, control was much easier. This camera comes with invisible infrared lighting as well which out shines the LEDs. I was able to record by using my camera to record the screen and still came up with some fun clips. This Camera gets 4 hooks on the Pondboy 5 hook scale! 

Fish TV is the Winner in this camera show down.


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