Friday, August 9, 2013

Whackin Your way to Bass Success

One a hot Saturday morning, member JcCrappies and I hit a few small ponds with high hopes for a top water bite. The top water bite only produced a couple fish. Face with very weedy ponds our list of effective presentations got very short. We decided to go with Whacker. The Whacker is very similar to the senko.

The fish came fast and furious. Both of us getting a nice case of bass thumb. We also caught a few pigs which made the day that much better.

So why buy and fish the Whacker? Well I love Yamamoto Baits but the price is ridiculous 6.20-6.70 at Wal-Mart over 7 at other outlets. The Whacker is only 4.50 for the same 10 pack! Yamamoto uses what seems to be a ton of salt in the plastic or some other filler. This gives their baits a unique feel. But I cannot get more then two fish out of one of their baits. The conspiracy theorist in me says they have done this on purpose!! Crabby Bass’s Whacker are what they should be PLASTIC. This lets you catch quite a few more fish per bait. The final reason to buy from Crabby Bass is you can create your own bait. You get your color, Your glitter, and Your scent. This makes it yours. I used to fish a lot of slugos and I loved the half black and half blood red. I called Crabby Bass Lures up and they made my whackers in that same pattern. VERY FREAKIN COOL.

The whacker is a constant producer and works in many situations. Its affordable and easy to use.