Sunday, December 28, 2014

Little Atom Open Water Finicky December Crappie

Open Water Finicky December Crappie

It was the day after Christmas and there was no ice to be found in the Chicago area. It was a balmy 50 degrees! Not fishing on such a warm day would just be wrong.

I managed to catch about 14 fish from 3 out of 4 ponds. A couple fish were caught on Lake Fork Shads the rest on Little Atom plastics. In fact Little Atom saved the day. Using these micro plastics on ice jigs got the finicky fish to bite and were perfect for the small fish. The baits I used today were the micro Nuggie and the Wedgee. I used weighted Thill floats to get the long casts I needed to reach the deeper water I would normally be ice fishing. The fish were small But I was not complaining to be catching when other were still in bed.

It was great to catch some fish with no ice, especially with the crappie being shut off in a lot of the area. Next time you head out in cold weather or slow conditions bring Little Atom along to save the day!