Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Guided Fishing Birthday Party?

I got a call from a family friend; her son had gotten the fishing bug and really really wanted to learn more. He wanted a fishing party for his birthday! I had never thought of guiding a party before.

So the plan was made. Immediately fishing with children brought up some new challenges I had not faced before. Kids won’t get up at four, they cannot fish late, they actually need to catch something (the nerve), and fishing in the weeds and hidden spots is not a great choice. However they are an absolute blast to fish with!

Another very good friend in a neighborhood close to the birthday boy allowed us to fish the private lake behind his house. So we had facilities for the boys if needed or shelter if the storms from that morning returned.

I was nervous because the rain was fast and furious until right before the party. The temperature made a 30 degree swing as well. Even for a private pond a temp change like that is never good for fishing.

This pond has nothing but bass and smaller bass. We set up two rods per little fisher kid. We used several different kinds of floats and bobbers. For bait we had large minnows and Golden Roaches (a large minnow species). The bite was not what anyone would have wanted but we caught some fish. The Birthday boy caught two. One boy caught his first fish ever!!!! It was the coolest feeling to knowing I helped that happen.

We had fun laughing and making jokes. The younger boys ran around the trees and explored. It was a great experience.

So from this moment on DuPageFishing Guide Service will be offering The Fishing Party!

Also I have been thinking (I know dangerous) I have a 15 year old with autism who hates fishing however I know some people with disabilities that love it. So also new DuPage Fishing Guide service will be more than happy to take out anyone one with a Disability.

There will be lower pricing for starters and we will work it out. Even if it means we sit with our feet in the water and eat gummy bears, it may be nice to get out. If we sit on a pier we sit on a pier. But taking you or your child out will be a pleasure no matter what.

So please contact Pondboy at 630-518-1872 or visit for your own Angling Adventure. If you would like photos from My friend josh can be there to capture the moments as he did on this trip.