Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Birthday Ice Fishing With The Fish TV

Birthday Ice Fishing With The Fish TV

On January 26th I took the day off work as I always do to go Icefishing. I call up Rocknfish and we are ready to roll! We get to the frozen playground and start drilling. Five feet nothing, six nothing, 8 one or two, and SEVEN Jackpot. The fish were holding in seven feet of water not 6 or 8, it had to seven.

Presentation didn’t seem to matter as much. We got fish on plastics(micro nuggies), jigs n spikes, and jig and waxies. The bait had to be moving though. Almost all the fish were suspended as you can see in the photo above.We must of caught 20 or 30 birthday fish. We were using the FishTV and after taking a while to set-up, it was a real pleasure to fish with! From now on I will always have one in my line-up during ice season. We had one great outing during "The Winter That Wasn't"

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