Sunday, March 18, 2012

The 2012 Grocery Run Opener

I am not sure if any of you read my thread on the old DA site about going out for errands and trying your best to squeeze in a couple casts. (I know you do this too lol). Well today was my first grocery store bass run I will call it the 2012 Grocery Run Opener. When I do this I usually pick one rod and one lure. A lot of the time I choose an spinner bait. I can cast them a country mile and they are fantastic search baits and you don’t need to keep pliers with you to get any fish off. Today I hit 4 ponds. In most cases I am in and out in five minutes. Get out of the car run down to a favorite area, and make 5-10 cast then back to the car. When I get a fish, of course a few more casts follow. Today I was throwing a Strike King Red Eye, it was chartreuse and white. Each pond would yield one bass tonight. However I have at least for blow up and miss the bait. If I had been out hard core there would have been plastic to follow in situations like this. One bass SMASHED my bait sooo hard it knocked or ate the skirt clean off!! And yet I did not get the hooks to it. Oh well so is fishing, at least I was lucky enough to catch a few on a beautiful evening and the first grocery run of the year.

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