Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rain Rain You Can Stay

It was a very busy weekend for the family. I managed to get out for 45 minutes tonight. I brought the three baits that have been working this week. Spinner-bait, Brush Hog, and a Strike King / Big Hammer combo. The Hammer is all they wanted. I went 3 for 5. I lost number four by playing it too long, I got hypnotized watching the green flashes and swirls at my feet. If I would have done the tournament sweep I could of had it, but sometimes I just need to watch in awe of the gift of angling and the experiences it brings. Now for whatever reason I was not freezing tonight and the rain was even warm. I did not mind being out in it. The fish all were hugging the shore which has been the theme of the week. This lake I would call my home lake, it's within walking distance, however long gone are the days of 20 to 30 bass. Poachers have screwed it up for the next 5 years easy. If I catch anything over 1.75lbs I am happy. To catch 3 in a short trip also makes me happy.

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