Thursday, May 3, 2012

Quick Trip Lasting Nest May3, 2012

The trip started great, a quick blast on a spinner and on my third cast! A few casts later My bloody trout colored Big Hammer bait gets crushed! I was thinking this was going to be a great night. Then the hammer gets hammered a second time. It is a good solid fish. I play it for a couple minutes and it launches itself skyward and with a slow motion head-shake the 3-4 pound football laughs all the way home. I make a bunch more casts and there is no-one home. I also notice one shoreline is covered in beds. This might explain the shut down of my bite. 

I am not a bed fisherman. Oh sure when I was younger; I hit a few bed fish but the first time you catch a bedding hog in your honey hole and it does not return and you watch bluegills ravage that bed, you like me will realize to let bedding fish bed. That one fish is not worth the hundred I stopped from growing up. This is for each fisherman to figure out. The spawn does not last long if you don't mind just pass them by as tempting as it is.

Oh yeh soooo as I hit the final section, I am heaving this spinner bait down the shore line and it bounces off a tree branch it mid-flight and it careens out of control like a jet going into a flat spin. In that instant my spool throws up mono all over in the worst bird's next I have had in years! I have not had to cut out a nest in at least 7-10 years. Ah well it happens to all us, what can ya do.

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  1. Just reading a few of these and you can hear how passionate you are about fishing. Good for you! The blog looks great!