Tuesday, July 17, 2012

RocknFish Learns The Force (The Force of the Grub)

I get a call from my brother-in-law Al and he wants to fish. Great! I get the stuff ready and wait for him and my sister to arrive. When they get there my sister and wife leave to pick up my daughter from a party, since Al and I have to watch the boys until they get back we whip up a great batch of tacos. (word of advise don't do this before you go fishing...just sayin)

After dinner, We decide to do some classic bank and bait fishing with minnows and crawlers. We both catch 3 or so, but for bait fishing it was too slow. Rocknfish loves bank fishing so it took some convincing to get him to go bass fishing with artificial bait. I show him the grub of life. Its a Producto spring grub paired with a 1/8oz Cabelas 1/o jig head.
The bait is a great search bait and good for any angler. You just aim shoot and reel. That is it, no smoke or mirrors.

On his third cast he nails a nice bass and the man is hooked! By his second bass he is checking the bait straightening it out on the jig head and we are off to the races! I threw the Black and the Green ones, he tossed the purl white. We had a great time. When we got home the wife had all the makings for sundaes which was perfect when we came in from the heat.

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